Closing out Transformative Week
Aug 25


Bailey Fan 2014
On Friday, June Jordan’s spirit was channeled through Bailey Fan JJSE grad class of ’07  our Extended Day Program Co-Coordinator as she shared a beautiful poem she wrote with the community. It’s attached here — 


We Are The Ones 

by Bailey Fan, JJSE ‘07

composed in honor of the poet June Jordan, for the June Jordan School for Equity student body, August 2014

I hear it often

Why won’t somebody do something about that

Why won’t somebody do something about this

I guess

We missed it

That we are more than beings standing as statistics

That we are more than the breath of our existence

We are capable

A community choosing to stand by the name of a woman who so pushed the line through her words

She spoke the clearly divine empowerment of a people


Birthed into the arms of a father who understood the upcoming battles she would face

So by grace

He fed her wisdom

And within that wisdom a creation

Of a soldier standing for nations


A woman, filled with a bold character possessing the traits of something like a fighter with a lovers intent

To infiltrate the mind, but move the heart to transform it.

Creating a flow of people much more competent

To stand for something


A people

A community

Inheriting the passion to alter realities

Stepping into a position where the woman we represent has left the mark of a poet and an activist

Let us never become stagnant

Let us open our minds to see

That instead of waiting on somebody

We must see

We are just that.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.