JJSE freshman wins debate honors
Mar 07

From The Bay Area Urban Debate League Newsletter
Student Star Spotlight

Jairo Huezo
Freshman, June Jordan School for Equity

Jairo became interested in debate when Coach Amsler explained the broken windows policing topic to him. Jairo had some personal experience and wanted to express his feelings about the subject. He feels that he has been able to effectively share his story and opinions through debate. Not only has Jairo attended BAUDL tournaments, but he also attended the Cal Invitational tournament in February, with competitors from more than 40 states coming together to debate!

Jairo recently won top speaker at back-to-back tournaments – The Fall Championship tournament in December and the New Years Classic tournament in January. When asked what his secret to success has been, he said “I was able to read loud and clear, give out my opinion, back up my partner, so that’s the strategy that’s been helping me.” He also shared his gratitude for the people who are supporting him – without his team and partner, he doesn’t think that he would have been able to win top speaker.

Jairo’s advice for other beginning debaters is to “not get nervous – read the cards, get used to it, just explain and express what you feel.” He stressed that it’s not just about reading evidence, but actually feeling it. Jairo is glad that he joined the BAUDL travel team program in January and says that “coming to travel team has been helpful, I’m getting more comfortable with my speaking, and learning things that I wouldn’t have learned” in regular debate practice.
After high school, Jairo would like to attend college. He believes that debate is helping him move towards that goal and is hopeful that debate will help him get into a good college. He also believes that debate is helping him become a better speaker in general which will have lasting benefits. We look forward to watching Jairo grow and continue to excel during high school and beyond.