Collaborative Group Work, Crystal Proctor
This piece shows several parts of Math teacher Crystal Proctor’s Geometry class, which uses the¬†Complex Instruction¬†methodology, which is a structured, research-based approach to student collaboration. Starting at time 02:45 and running until about 04:05 is an example of students working together to solve a problem; after that, Ms. Proctor arrives to check their understanding. Effective group work such as this requires a great deal of planning and deliberate establishment of classroom and group norms.

Teacher Modeling, Katrina Traylor, Armon Kasmai, Maya Gomez
This piece shows three different approaches to modeling: When Humanities teacher Katrina Traylor asks students to write a goal for the semester, she models by writing her own goal on the overhead (“to improve students’ reading skills”) and explains how it is not the only thing she wants to do, but it is her highest priority. When Humanities teacher Armon Kasmai asks students to do a close reading of a text with annotations, he sits down with them and does the reading alongside his class. And when Debate teacher Maya Gomez asks students to do speed drills where they read a speech as loud and fast as possible, she takes the lead and does this potentially embarrassing task in front of the class herself.