JJSE’s Intersession is comprised of three weeks of experiential learning courses where students learn by doing and actively engage in a variety of real-world experiences that challenge them physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Conducted outside of the four walls of the traditional classroom, these intensive courses create an opportunity for students to interact with adults and community members in new ways as they become immersed in unfamiliar environments, attempt new activities, or pursue longstanding passions in a more in-depth way all over the Bay Area. Students visit locales such as Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Alameda, Marin, and Camp Mendocino to hike, bike, run, dance, place soccer, or do yoga. It is during Intersession that students most often learn about their personal limits, their capacity for growth and what they are willing to do to overcome obstacles.

To see a sample menu of Intersession choices, click this link:

Sample Intersession Menu

To see a video from JJSE’s biking intersession, click below.