Whether or not you attend college should be YOUR choice …

In 2011 in San Francisco, only 16% of Black high school grads were eligible for 4-year college. At JJSE, 70% of Black grads were.

In 2011 in San Francisco, only 29% of Latino high school grads were eligible for 4-year college. At JJSE, 59% of Latino grads were.

For the past several years, June Jordan has had the second highest 4-year college eligibility rate in SFUSD, after Lowell High School.

Our graduates have attended the following colleges and universities:

colleges attended by JJSE grads (2)


What allows our students to excel like this? In addition to our strong academic program, JJSE has a state-of-the-art College Access Program, which includes:

  • Integrated college-readiness curriculum: The College Access Program utilizes JJSE’s Advisory system to continually expose students to the resources, knowledge, and attitudes essential to making college a reality. JJSE’s Advisory system consists of a daily meeting period where students work through academic and personal challenges, connect with peers and their advisory teacher, and complement their in-class learning with college-readiness and school culture curricula. The 11th and 12th grade programs are much more intensive and cover topics and workshops such as the UC Personal Statement, Overcoming Barriers to College, and Applying to the CSU’s.
  • College-focused Events: The College Access Program coordinates a number of events throughout the year for parents and students to gain knowledge and insight about the college application process as well as about college life.  These events include a Back to School College Night, SAT/ACT test prep, bi-annual college tours, Parent Financial Aid Night, and alumni panels with current college students.   We also have college representative visits and on-sight admissions sessions with colleges throughout the country.
  • Individualized Support: Our College Access Program provides every student with the assistance he or she needs throughout the college and financial aid application processes.  Our Director provides continuing professional development and support for 11th and 12th grade advisors, who will ensure each student successfully applies to college.  Additionally, the College Access Center offers students additional resources, information, and counseling around post-secondary options.
  • Concurrent College Enrollment: JJSE  offers our students the opportunity to experience college level classes and gain college credit.  Currently, seniors and juniors take classes at City College of San Francisco.